To create a message template:
  1. Click "message templates"
  2. Click "add message template"
  3. Select the message type.  Since this is email, keep it on "email."
  4. Select the activity type you want to create, under "activity type."
    • Class - Activity: This can only be found under class-related automation (actions)
    • Organization: This is for organization-wide automation.  We suggest looking at other options first prior to creating automation that can potentially effect all students.
    • Survey - Event: This is to designate survey-related messages, whether those are generated from responses or whether or not a survey is completed.
    • Survey Invitation: A message template that can fit in all automation areas.  This is the only activity type that can include a survey invitation link.
  5. Type in a name.  This can only be seen by administrators.
  6. Type in the email subject.*
  7. Type in the message body.*
  8. Click "Create Message Template" and you are ready to connect it to its respective automation (actions)!
*This is where you can use the tokens used at the bottom of the page. Place your cursor in the body where you want them inserted, then click the appropriate ones and they will be inserted in the message body.  Tokens can also be added to the subject but needed to be pasted or typed in.