Our talented graphic designer worked with several BASICS veterans on a new design for BAC charts. The charts are designed to provide the specific BAC level for a given weight and birth sex based on number of standard drinks consumed over a given number of hours. After consulting with BASICS experts, the BAC levels were grouped into the following four categories:

.000 - .059
.060 - .140
.141 - .239
.240 and higher   
medical emergency

The charts are now available for all BASICS Feedback users, and can easily be inserted into your Personalized Feedback Reports (PFR). We’ll use the weight and birth sex questions from your survey to bring up the appropriate BAC chart.

If you would like to add the BAC charts to your PFR, please let us know the name of your PFR(s), and after which page in the PFR(s) you would like them to be placed. Note that the charts will appear on their own page within your PFR(s).

If you would like to view a sample of our cards, please visit our site at baccards.com.  There, you can also order physical copies if you so wish!