Surveys can be set up for different purposes/ target populations. You may want to adjust the setting of your surveys in order to produce the desired functionality. To adjust your survey settings go to the Surveys menu of you BF admin and click on the ‘edit survey ‘icon for the survey you wish to make adjustments to. This edit survey page allows you to perform several functions. Here is a rundown of the functions that you can perform on this page in the order they occur on the page:

Change the name of the survey: The survey name appears in the text box to the right of the word “Name”. You can change the name of the survey by replacing or editing the existing name of the survey. You can name the survey anything that you want, but because the survey name becomes part of the web address for the survey, there cannot be any spaces between words. We recommend using the underscore symbol to separate words. For example:


After you have made a change to the survey name, click on the ‘update survey’ button in order to fasten down the new name. Note that after doing so the web address for the survey (URL) will also change.

Change the description of the survey: The description of the survey can be done in the same manner as above. Simply enter a new description or edit the current description in the space to the right of the word “Description”. After you have made a change to the survey description, click on the ‘update survey’ button in order to fasten down the new description. Note that the description of the survey can be anything that you like and is only viewable by staff (users) and hence is for reference only.

Authenticated: Authenticated surveys require that a participant (student) must enter a specific code in order to login to the survey. This code is specific to the student and allows the system to match the survey responses to the participant record. The survey invitation code is embedded in the survey link included in the Survey Invitation, and is automatically transmitted to the login page of the survey once your student clicks on the link. This is the means that BASICS Feedback uses to track the participant.

To activate authentication for the survey, simply check the box to the right of the word “Authenticated”, and then click ‘update survey’. This will produce a text box on the survey login page that it titled “invitation code”. Students will not be able to login and begin their survey without an invitation code. As mentioned above, the invitation code is automatically entered when students click on their survey invitation link.

  • Recommended approach for students that are mandated to go through an intervention.
  • Allows you to easily match student’s responses from baseline and follow-up surveys, which
  • allows for pre/post analysis.
  • The most secure way to control access to your survey and survey results.
  • Student’s name and Identifier will be available and associated with the survey results as seen on the Survey Session menu. Without authentication activated, the name of the student will be left blank and the Identifier will be a randomly assigned number.

Tip: Creating a Survey Invitation produces the authentication code for a specific student. Once an invitation code is created the invitation code can be viewed by searching for the student in question on the Survey Invitations menu.

Referral Code: Referral codes can be used to track subsets of students. Please see link below for the knowledge base article which provides more complete instructions regarding referral codes. To activate a referral code, check the box next to “Referral Code” and the click ‘update survey’.

Referral Code Required: If you wish to set up your survey such that students are required to enter a referral code, you will want to activate the Referral Code Required function. To do so, check the box to the left of “Referral Code Required” and then click ‘update survey’. Students will not be able to login to the survey without typing in the correct referral code.

Published: This box must be checked in order for anyone to be able to view/complete the survey online. If you would like to take the survey offline, simply uncheck this box and click ‘update survey’.

URL: To the right of ‘URL’ you can View/Link to survey web address (url).

Copy Survey: Click ‘copy this survey’ in order to make a complete copy of a survey. This allows you to make multiple copies of an existing survey. Using the copy survey function allows you to tailor your surveys to specific groups of students. For instance, you can make a copy of your baseline assessment and then add some additional items to the copied survey that specifically addresses student athletes. You can then administer this new survey to your student athletes.