BASICS Feedback sponsored development:Suggested features

Below is a listing of development features that are currently available for sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring a component or have an idea for something that isn't on the list, please email


1. $16,800 - Expression builder: Interface to build expressions everywhere they are used: survey calculations, show logic, prerequisites, and actions. Will automatically suggest survey variables, participant properties, and other tokens (i.e. CLASS, ORG) depending on usage context. Will assist in adding and combining conditions, in a visual point-and-click format.

2. $18,900 - Expression evaluator: Improved engine for calculations and logic, improving speed of surveys and report generation.

3. $6,125 – Augmented Participant Download: Currently the participant page download feature is designed as a ‘what you see is what you get’ download. Consequently Participant Record items that are not in view on the Participant Page are not available in the download. For example, the notes fields are not viewable from the Participant page and hence not available in the download. This feature would augment the participant page download feature so that it includes participant items that are not in view, such as Structured Participant Properties and notes fields.


1. $5,600 - “Terminate” or “Submit” survey actions: These would be useful for immediately closing a survey if a student does not consent, etc. We would branch survey actions into 2 different sections:

a. Survey post-back (when next/previous buttons are pushed)

b. Survey submit (when submit button is pushed)

2. $3,150 - Improved page view and question view within survey designer: Preview questions and response options, making it easier to find the survey question or response option you’re looking for.

3. $13,650 - Community survey library: a repository where universities can publish and share surveys, making them available to other organizations within BASICS Feedback. Universities could download copies of shared surveys into their own organization, and use as-is or modify to fit their application.

4. $5,250 – Survey Invitation Reminders: Currently there is no a mechanism to send a reminder email to participants that includes their survey invitation link (with authentication code). While reminder notifications can be sent without the link, the student must be instructed to refer to their original survey invitation to obtain the appropriate link. This new feature would provide a means for including the survey invitation link in the reminder so that students don’t have to search their inbox for the original invitation.

Feedback Reports

1. $12,950 - PDF feedback reports, optimized for print.

2. $13,650 - New chart/graph designer. Interface to add create and add charts/graphs will be more flexible, and easier to use.

Student Portal

1. $2,000 - A new “resources” page.


1. $14,000 - Aggregate Survey Data Reporting: Advanced features could offer query filters. For example, you could look at men only, or only look at surveys completed during fall term (or other dates), etc.

Student-Centered Technology

1. $15,750 - Student Notification System. A module allowing participants the capability of accessing the student portal and enabling/disabling notifications to be sent to their phone. Notifications will be in form of text messages. Purpose of module is to take the data previously collected from intake one step further and assist in educating students on drinking behavior. Notifications could consist of:

a. - Average amount of drinks previously recorded from intake. Participant could select which day he would like reminders to be sent out on (i.e. Friday before he goes out to the bars).

2. $10,500 - BAC Card Insert. BAC card inserted at the end of the PFR. The BAC card would resemble the current design we utilize for the BAC print cards. Participant or BASICS administrator can cut away card from end of PFR which would have an auto calculated BAC card with appropriate weight/sex.

3. $28,700 - BAC iPhone/Droid App. BAC app that enables the participant to see their average amount of drinks, history of behavior, all from a mobile app. The app would only 'pull' down information from the BF server, and would not 'push' or record data.

4. $12,600 - iPad Friendly BF. Usage of web apps via tablets is only continuing to increase. The BF iPad app would feature a layout/design that would be designed specifically to work on an iPad. The interface/design components and overall user interface would be designed around the space and layout of the iPad.