The Administrative Calendar Display Formatter (ACDF) feature allows you to control what is displayed for each class that is shown on the Class Calendar.  The ACDF can be updated within the class template (recommended) or edited for each specific class on the calendar. Note that this feature only affects the display of the classes within the BASICS Feedback admin and these changes will not appear in the Student Portal where participants self-enroll. The default display for each class that appears on the calendar is the class start time and the name of the class. To make updates to the display, go to the Class Templates page and click on the 'edit class template' icon (far left) for the Class Template that you wish to update. Next, scroll down to the text box that is labelled "Administrative Calendar Display Formatter".  There you will enter 'tokens' in order to display the information that you would like. If the text box is blank it will simply display the default (class time and name of class). By adding a token you can also include other information such as the name of the provider, or the name of the enrolled participant(s).  In the image below, tokens that will deliver the name of the provider and the name of the participants have been added. Note that if you add tokens to this display and want to continue to display the name of the class you will need to include the token for the class name as well.

In the screen shot below you'll see a calendar in which two BASICS classes appear.  BASICS Session 1 in this example displays the default (time of class and name of class).  BASICS Session 2 has a display which was updated by inserting the following tokens into the ACDF: {CLASS: NAME}: {CLASS: PROVIDER_FIRST}: {CLASS: ROSTER}.

Additional tokens that can be used in the ACDF are listed below.

the name of the class is displayed by default
the providers first name
the providers last name
displays the first and last name of each participant enrolled in the class
class capacity
class description
class end date
class end time
class location
class provider email address (if provider has been assigned)
a list of participants assigned to the class, where participants are displayed according to a custom format
class start date
class start time