The set of permissions in the image below demonstrate a set of user permissions that would allow someone to add manage the Class Calendar. This profile would allow the user to perform functions on the calendar, including adding students to a class roster. Please note that under the ‘general’ row below the login box must be checked in order for the user to be able to login at all. The other permissions involved in the current ‘calendar administrator’ example are all located under the ‘Class’ row highlighted below. Here is a rundown of what checking each of these boxes allow the user to do or access:

  1. Login: Activates and deactivates a user without needing to delete them from the system.
  2. View Class: Allows a user to view all classes that have been added to the calendar.
  3. Add Class: Allows the user to add a new class to the calendar.
  4. Edit Class: Allows the user make edits to classes that are on the calendar.
  5. Delete Class: Allows the user to delete classes that are on the calendar.
  6. Manage Roster: Allows the user available providers in case participants have preferences.