Alongside the existing notes feature, you can include opt-ins for students.  To do so,

  1. Click Organization on the main menu on the left.
  2. Click show underneath "Structured Participant Property Groups" (about halfway down the page).
  3. To create the appropriate Participant Structured Property Groups and items,
    1. Create a new group named "Participant Notes Informed Consent"
    2. In that group, select "checkbox" and click "Add Property Group Item." Type "ADMINISTRATIVE_NOTES_OPT_IN" for the Variable Name, and appropriate wording for the Prompt.  Click "Create Participant Property Item."
    3. Then, click "Add Scale Value." For the Name type "VALUE" and enter in the appropriate wording for the label.  Click "Create Participant Property Scale Value Item."
    4. Choose "horizontal" Display Type and then click "Use Display Type."
    5. Repeat steps 2-5 but replace "ADMINISTRATIVE_NOTE_OPT_IN"  with "REFERRER_NOTES_OPT_IN" and "CLINICAL_NOTES_OPT_IN" for Variable Name (main item #3).
Here is an example of what it can look like on the participant edit page if you use the prompts of "Chosen-category Notes" and labels of "opted-in."

Once you have done this, contact us by clicking "submit a request" in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  Let us know that you:
  • Would like to use the notes opt-in feature.
  • Whether you want to retroactively opt-in existing participants.  If not, existing students will not be marked as opted in and you will not be able to see their notes.
  • If future opt-ins will be manually updated, or will be automated in any form through BASICS Feedback (whether that is tied to notifications, a survey invitation, etc.).