**Note that you'll first want to make sure you have a survey and Personalized Feedback report set up and ready to go. Please see how-to instructions for further details regarding this.
There are 3 steps:

1) Add participant to the system

a. Go to Participants
b. Click Add Participant
c. Complete the form (identifier, name, email address)
d. Provide any notes about the participant (optional)
e. Click Create Participant

2) Send Survey Invite

a. Go to Survey Invitations
b. Click Create Survey Invitations
c. Select survey, invitation template and referral code (if applicable)
d. Search for participants to invite (by name, email, etc.)
e. Check the box next to the participant you would like to send the invitation to.
f. Click Send to immediately send the invitations, or Preview to view/edit the invitation to be created.

3) View survey results and Personalized Feedback Report (PFR)

a. Go to Survey Sessions
b. Use the search engine to find the student you are interested in.
c. Under the column 'reports' click on the report link in order to view the PFR
d. You can also click on view to see each survey response including calculated variables.