You can now set up automated survey invitations that are triggered by the completion of a survey (typically your baseline assessment). Importantly, you can set up the delivery date of these follow-up survey invitations to be sent a certain number of days or weeks or months after the baseline is completed –or set a specific date for them to go out such as Jan 1, 2012. You can determine the text of the message as well as choose which recipients should receive the message. To set up an Automated Survey Invitation follow the three-step process outlined below.
Step 1: Add a message template --this allows you to create the text of the email invitation that gets sent out upon survey completion.
  1. Go to the Message Templates menu.
  2. Click on "add message template".
  3. In the first drop-down menu, select "survey invitation".
  4. Type in a name for the message template.
  5. Type in the subject line that you want for the email message.
  6. Type in the text for the email message.
  7. Scroll down below the text editor to view a guide of the available 'tokens' that you can insert into the message (optional).
  8. Click "Create Message Template".

Step 2: Follow-up Survey.
Make sure you have a follow-up survey ready for use. If you don’t have one, let us know by submitting a ticket on the support site and we’ll copy one over for you. Note that you’ll probably want the same survey settings that you used for your baseline survey. So if your baseline survey is authenticated, you’d probably want your follow-up survey to be as well.

Step 3: Add a survey action --this will result in a Survey Invitation being sent upon completion of the survey. Importantly, you can delay the delivery of the email so that it arrives in your student's email account at the appropriate time.

  1. Go to the Surveys menu.
  2. Click on the survey designer icon for the survey you want to work on.
  3. In the section near the top titled "Survey Actions" there are two drop-down menus. On the drop-down menu to the right, select "send survey invitation".
  4. Click "add action".
  5. In the resulting pop-up window, there are 3 drop-down menu's and you'll need to make selections for each of them:
    1. Survey: choose the survey that you want to send to your students (ie: 30 day follow-up).
    2. Message Template: select the message template that you would like to be sent out upon survey completion (ie: the survey invitation you created for the follow up survey).
    3. Referral Code: Choose the referral code you want to use or indicate no referral code (recommended).
6. Use the “Send Date” text box to determine when you want the message to be delivered. Here are a few examples that you could use:

  1. {DATE: now + 45 days}
  2. {DATE: now + 1 month}
  3. {DATE: now + 2 weeks}
  4. {DATE: 1/1/2012}
7. You can also use the “Send if” textbox to restrict the invitation such that it only goes out based on certain criteria (such as referral code). Let us know if you’d like to use this option by submitting a ticket these and we’ll help you with the logic.

8. You can also add your own description in the “Description” text box to help you remember what this Survey Action does.

9. Click “Create Survey Action and you’re all done!

After that you're all set --note that the email message will be scheduled for delivery upon survey completion to the email addresses you entered in step 6 above. Additionally, you'll find a record of this and other notifications on the Notification Log menu.