Greetings BASICS Feedback Users!

I am excited to announce that my company, First Light Web Services (FLWS), is taking over the management of BASICS Feedback. I am looking forward to again being part of the BASICS Feedback community and I hope to connect with each of you individually in the near future.

I have created the following FAQs to help ensure a smooth transition with support tickets and payment processing. Please read through the information below to see how these changes may affect you.

Take care,

Chris Stark

President, First Light Web Services


Why the change? First Light Web Services has purchased IMPACT Feedback which will eventually replace BASICS Feedback. From this point until IMPACT Feedback is ready for launch, First Light has a strong interest in providing customer support for BASICS Feedback. Our team wants to learn from users of BASICS Feedback, what works well and what improvements we should make for the new platform. First Light also wants to ensure a smooth transition from BASICS Feedback to IMPACT Feedback. We are excited about IMPACT Feedback and we think you will be too!     

What changes with our existing contract? Nothing! Blu Sky maintains control of the contract, but First Light is now managing support, sales, and billing.  

Whom do we contact for support?  First Light Web Services will handle all technical support, training, sales, and invoicing. For technical support please continue to use the support site to submit your request tickets. For all other issues, contact First Light Web Services by email or phone:

(888) 253-6364  

Do we use the existing support site?  Yes, the same support site will be used for technical support of BASICS Feedback:  

What is the new phone number for support? (888) 253-6364 

Where should payments be sent? Effective immediately all payments should be directed to the following: 

First Light Web Services
Attn: Accounting
PO Box 755
Bellingham, WA 98227
First Light Web Services will soon reach out to your Accounts Payable departments directly. If possible, please alert the relevant parties at your institution about this important change so we can ensure a smooth transition to FLWS. If you have any questions about the payment process please contact