Users consist of staff or faculty at your institution whom you wish to grant access to the BASICS Feedback admin.

1) To add a user, go to Users and click "Add User"

2) Enter a username (we recommend email address)

3) Fill in the first and last name, email address and then give them a temporary password (and confirm the password).

4) Enable the user to login to BASICS Feedback by checking the first checkbox under 'other'.

5) Decide which areas of the BASICS Feedback admin you wish the user to have access to and check the appropriate boxes.

6) Scroll all the way to the bottom and click "Create User".

The user can now login with their email address and use the temporary password that you set them up with. They can update their password once they login by clicking on their name to the left of 'log out' in the upper right hand corner of the administrative console. They will then need to enter and confirm their new password and then click "Update User".