To start your own survey from scratch:

1) go to Surveys
2) Click on the "Add Survey" button at the top of the page
3) Fill in a name for your new survey (Note that spaces are not allowed in the name because this becomes part of the web address for the survey).
4) Fill in a brief description for your new survey.
5) Note that the four check boxes can be updated at a later time, but you can complete them now if you wish.
6) Click the "Create Survey" button.

You've now created a new survey template and are now ready to begin adding survey questions, to begin this process:

1) go to Surveys
2) Click on the (survey designer) icon.
3) Click on the (edit page) icon located under survey pages to begin adding questions to page 1 of your survey.
4) To add your first item please refer to the following knowledge base article, and begin with step 4.