Referral codes are a feature that allows you to track subsets of students. For example, you can use referral codes to track the referral source (ie: housing or judicial referral). The referral code become a variable available in the downloadable excel file via survey data menu. Additionally, in legacy systems, referral code is listed as a column under survey sessions. There is one key stop that you'll need to follow in order to get your referral code(s) set up:

Add referral code.

  1. Go to Referral Code and then click "add referral code".
  2. In the text box labeled "code" type in the referral code that you want to use. It's helpful to use something that makes sense (ie: JUDICIAL or JUD1 to designate a referral from the Judicial Officer).
  3. Next, select the user that will be designated as the "creator" of the referral code --usually this is your own name.
    • To select multiple users, press "control" in Windows or "command" on MAC, then while keeping the key held down, click on each user you would like designated to the code.
  4. Click the check box next to 'enabled' to activate the referral code (or un-check the box to deactivate the referral code)
  5. Select "Allow for all surveys".
  6. Click the "Create Referral Code" button.
Edit referral code.

  1. Go to Referral Code and then click "" next to the appropriate code.
  2. Follow steps 2-5 of adding a referral code (the section above).
  3. Click the "Update Referral Code" button.

Identifiable by referral codes activated for specific surveys, rather than "allow for all surveys."

Activate the referral code for the survey

  1. Go to Surveys and click on 'edit' for the survey you want to work on
  2. On the resulting page click the box next to 'referral code'.
  3. If you want the student to be required to enter a referral code before they can login to the survey, also click the box next to 'referral code required'
  4. Click the "update survey" button.

Send survey invitation with referral code.
***Note that for a referral code to work properly a survey invitation must be sent.

  1. Go to the Survey Invitations menu
  2. Click the 'create survey invitation' button
  3. Select the survey that you'd like to invite the student to complete.
  4. Select an invitation template that contains a referral code
  5. Select the referral code that you want that participant to use.
  6. Send the survey invitation.