Due to requests to update the Referral Codes functionality, we've made some updates to the way that referral codes work. There are now two different ways to use the referral codes.

Method 1. The established method that we've used was to attach the referral code to a survey.

If you've been using this method, you are welcome to continue to do so with only a slight adjustment in regards to which members of the staff have the permissions to use the referral codes (see below).

Method 2. The new method actually attaches the referral code to the participant record, rather than the survey.

This might be helpful in a number of ways, including for use in the Class Scheduling system/Student Portal. You can now attach the referral code to the student when adding the participant to the system. You'll find a drop-down menu containing all of your referral codes just below where you add their email address. You can also attach the referral code to the student at a later time by clicking on the 'edit participant' icon for that student. This method is also preferable as your students will not need to enter their referral code when they login to begin their survey.

In both of these methods for using the Referral Codes, administrators or users that have permission will now need to grant permission for each of their staff members to use each referral code. Note that by default all administrators can grant permissions for their staff to use referral codes, and they also have permission to use all of the referral codes. Other users could grant themselves or others permission to use each referral code if under their user permissions the "edit referral codes" box is checked.

For administrators or others that have the correct permissions, here is how to enable the referral codes for other users:

1) Go to the referral codes menu.
2) Click on the edit referral code icon for the referral code you wish to work on.
3) In the 3rd textbox from the top (labeled 'user') you'll see the first names of all the users in your system.
4) To enable that referral code for a particular user simply click on the name to select it.
5) To enable other users at the same time, hold down on the control key and select other names (see image below).
6) Scroll down and click "Update Referral Code".